Melvor Idle – Useful Tips for Beginners

Useful Tips for Noobs

I personally made two characters, Standart and Hardcore, so if I wasn’t sure in something – I tested it on Standart first, and then did it on Hardcore account. (Like: Can I survive dragon breathe if I will eat only pizza pieces?)

Other Tips:

Leveling Astrology is really helpful in distance (especially if you are going to buy 120 lvl DLC), but if you gonna start with Astrology – it can be also frustrating, because you are spending like days or even weeks to have a good start.

So it’s effective, but I personally can’t recommend to start with it, because you can simply lose the interest to the game.

Same with Agility (however, some bonuses are Really sweet, like double items chance or +%EXP). However, Agility is more fun, because you need to get the resourses for obstacles.

Fishing is a good way to get money and some useful items, like rings giving you +%EXP/mystery. Thieving is also fun and profitable, but requires auto eat and a lot of food.

It’s good if you kick some farmer’s butts and get seeds, and level up farming asap. Because farming is needed for late-game food (carrot cakes), also bringing you a lot of magical tree logs, because it’s bad to chop them (too slow & not profitable), and better to get them from farming. It also get a lot of farming EXP.

Township works weird for today, however, it’s still profitable if you are able to do at least 40 tasks (not casual ones).

Actually, it’s fun to do researches and know more from the wiki and build your own strategy of how you will play. However, it might be also interesting to know nothing and get your own experience by playing it.

Also, don’t hesitate to use some mods, especially like Quick Shards or AutoSort, Shop Item Owned Indicator and such on – it doesn’t break the game balance, just making some UI features more convient to use.

Also, if the progress is too slow for you – there are some speedrun gamemodes in mods, so feel free to enjoy them instead. I personally also played a couple of such modes, but I still like vanilla one, because I want to get achievements in a fair way x3.

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