Melvor Idle – What to Do in This Game?

What Player Supposed to Do?

Purpose of Playing Melvor Idle

Same as any other Idle or Incremantal game, watch numbers go up, there really is no prestige or reset system like most idle games have, so the ultimate goal is to max everything to their respective masteries, item levels, skills & all items acquired at least once, then after that until they add more content so you keep continuing the grind.


While the game isn’t derived of having an in depth story, they added in a few bit of lore books when you defeat specific dungeons to see them & read about it, very minimal though.

Hotbar Quicklinks

This will be made relevant in the next topic below.

You can find it in the bottom right corner with several icons depending on the skill you are focused on, all of which will always have the Medal & Trophy icons, the Medal icon when clicked, shows you the items you unlock at which skill level to be able to gather or produce said item at said level, the Trophy icon shows you the item level in which gains a benefit if it has a higher level of said benefits to make use of that benefit.

Note: Each skill will vary what kind of benefits it will have for each item & its item level within a skill.

Item Mastery & Mastery Pool Difference

Item mastery, you can tell in most non combat skills, you can keep track of their levels from 1-99 separate from the skill specifically just based on the item in question, as stated above, it’s given a benefit the higher its item level is for the item in question being gathered or produced, where the Mastery Pool Checkpoints which at the top right corner you can click the Blue Button labeled View Checkpoints.

The progress of the bar is the percentage to each stage of benefit & the Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonuses are for all of the items within said skill you have achieved in & what ever benefits they give to help your endeavors.

Note: While it is possible to “Spend Mastery Pool XP” to level up your individual items, it mostly isn’t suggested unless you are focusing on one item or any of the later benefits don’t interest you, but either way, up to you to make that decision to spend it or not.

Astrology & Constellations

Each constellation in this skill has unique benefits for two respective skills each constellation has, any upgrades towards said constellations are permanent passives, there’s no need to focus on one particular constellation unless desired to raise the skill level.

Raise the item level to unlock more benefits you could unlock for a passive effect of the desired constellation, but of course the acquisition of the dust in question will be a grind on its own, but you can always gather it during any of them with the same chances or bonuses to acquire more with any of items to help you in doing so.

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