Melvor Idle – Which Mode to Start (with All DLCs)

Which Game Mode to Play

It’s suggested to start with Standard Mode normally, Adventure Mode requires knowledge of the game ahead of time, some people have been known to purchase the wrong skills and have to start over because the grind is way too long in comparison to getting a skill that makes you a lot of money & of course Hardcore Mode reserved for the masochists, risk dying to lose all progress entirely.

Personally, I’d start all modes, start them training a skill, then if you decide you’re ready to come back to it later, you’ll have some progress already started, although you can’t really idle Adventure Mode until you have unlocked a skill, you won’t have access to auto-eat or a food source for the starting leg of combat which is all you can do at the start.

Standard Mode

This is an unrestricted mode, it gives you access to everything immediately.

Hardcore Mode

Same as Standard Mode it has everything accessible to you, but if you die, the character is deleted immediately, also in the means of combat, you are heavily outweighed by negative effects and harsher penalties & lastly, you are limited on the amount of Bank Space you can purchase in the shop.

Adventure Mode

You will need the advanced knowledge of the main part of the game to understand which skills are beneficial for you to unlock to make/increase your GP gain to unlock further skills.

It gets quite expensive with each new skill you purchase, “your combat level reflects how high a skill can reach, if you had 20 combat level the highest level you can reach in any skill will be 20, you can still earn XP in the skill, but it will stop just before reaching level 21 until you level up your combat level more to increase the skill level”, it remains the same as Standard Mode in terms of accessibility, assuming you can purchase all the skills to use them and capped behind a combat level system until you reach 99 or 120 combat level respectively, but also comes with the Hardcore combat system with harsher penalties intertwined as well.

Ancient Relics Mode

Obviously requires EXTREME knowledge of the game already, knowing what you have access to and how to handle which situations will matter a lot, although it is a safe mode to play in, it will test all your skill and knowledge.

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