MementoMori: AFKRPG – Daily Stuff Guide

Daily Stuff for Beginners

Daily stuff you should do:

  • Rerun/Reap main quest battles 3x
  • Rerun/Reap infinite tower battles 3x
  • 5 pvp matches
  • Guild Boss 4x (2 bosses 2x)
  • Tower of Illusion 6x (2 slots 3x, check server times)
  • Quick Battle (1st free, 2nd free with monthly pack)
  • Cave (once every 2 days, if it ever comes back)
  • Fountain of Prayers (aka expeditions)

Daily things to probably want to do:

The normal shop refreshes 4 times a day, check that for red orbs. Be mindful of the diamond costs of red orbs since quick battles are actually better use of gems if it’s 2x (Ch9+ only, up to 90)

Sometimes the fountain has a new guerrilla quest, you’ll get an indicator for that.


  • Set your rate ups in gacha before you pull.
  • Main Quest progression affects your AFK income, should try to push that until you get stuck. Some later battles (like 8-28) sometimes has strategies to clear the battle. Can always check clear parties for advice.
  • 8-28 has the last major unlockables, there’s more unlockables later, but those are related to gear.
  • Tower of Infinity gives lots of R/SR Witch Shards that can help you with dupes and fodder.
  • After a certain point in chapter 9 (and probably 150f), elemental towers unlock. These towers are on a daily rotation, and you can only clear 10 floors every time they’re up. They don’t give rewards as good as infinity, but the one time rewards are good (like the 600 red orbs on every floor 5)
  • You should make one hypercarry (usually Cordie or Florence) that can snipe threats off another team so you can get the clear. This doesn’t work for every fight, but most. Runes should be atk/pm def break/crit/main stat. If you find you’re missing a lot you can drop a main stat for accuracy.
  • There ARE equipment sets and character specific equipments in this game, those unlock after chapter 11 and 13.
  • Consider buying key packs (1560 diamonds) for your purple chests, for rune progression.

Note: Reminder that as long as you spent on this game (and that you’re at least VIP1) , you can go on the “Login bonus” menu and claim at least 2 old rewards that you missed (here we can get one free SR thanks to 30 x2 SR shards).

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