MementoMori: AFKRPG – Dark / Holy Augment Guide

Dark / Holy Augment Tutorial

Augments are unlocked after clearing Ch. 6-20 by selecting any non-augmented equipment to trigger the tutorial. Augment levels are raised by feeding holy equipment and dark equipment or essences into the equipment.

How to Obtain Augment Fodder:

Holy Weapons are obtained from getting Holy Fragments from the Battle League rewards (PvP) and Guild Raids and trading them in the Holy Fragment shop.

  • Dark equipment have a small chance of dropping when smelting S Class equipment.
  • Dark essence can be obtained from Floor 181 and onwards in the Tower of Infinity.

The Recommended Augments:

Note: Due to the scarcity of augment fodder, it’s recommended to mainly use it on your dps carry.


  • Weapon for ATK stat – Good in the early game but you’ll eventually want to fodder it into the chest piece prior to obtaining holy levels
  • Chest for DEF Break – Best Offensive Stat in the game


  • Gauntlet for the Crit Boost (preferred since crit damage bonuses are rarer than atk)
  • Weapon for ATK% – Augment the weapon as the gauntlet becomes higher level and more costly to augment and after you transfer the dark augment from the weapon to the chest piece.
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