MementoMori: AFKRPG – Mid-Game Progression Guide

Mid-Game Progression and Common Issues

Issues Why You Are Stuck on a Stage:

  • Team comp is bad (Ie. not using units that counter the enemy team)
  • Not enough DPS/character power (midgame runes are important, late game equipment)
  • This game is a DPS + 4 Fillers meta meaning pour as many resources as possible into your carry while making sure your other units can support that carry by debuffing, buffing or tanking (healers are ass unless you’re whale)
  • You are under leveled or under geared
  • Read the effects of your units! A lot of times just understanding why a unit is valuable can win you the fight.
  • Mimi is currently a cheat code
  • Do not rely on elemental buff to get through stages, the actual comp matters more than 5% attack and HP (which scales to like nothing early game)

Common Stages People Get Stuck On:

Stages: 8-28

The secret sauce is to use Illya to stun A.A, if you’re still dying with illya keep retrying to get a good crit rng run or you need to do one of the following above.

Stages: 9-12

Soltina can absorb hits, just place your tank/fodder units in front of her to eat her damage first and break her shields.

Stages: 9-28

The first true wall of the game, Florence + Merlyn is a heavy hitter combo typically able to one shot entire teams. There are several strats to clearing this stage it’s highly dependent on what units you have. I’ll mention a few known combos that worked for people.

First strat just kill them, crazy I know:

  • Combo 1 – Nina + Hathor. Use nina in slot 1 which removes florence’s buff from merlyn and place your dps in slot 2 to kill florence. Hathor is there to induce a 50% attack down on florence which turns her into a wet noodle.
  • Combo 2 – Prima + Illya.Florence naturally outspeeds Illya so getting the stun off with Prima first then stunning again with Illya provides 3 turns of fainted.
  • Combo 3 – Dian + Nina. First remove florence’s buff to reduce damage and protect your dps with evade up (This one is a lot more RNG than the one’s above)
  • Combo 4 – Soltina + Ameleth. You’ll need a higher level link to weather out Florence’s burst than the above methods but this combo eats her big burst allowing your dps precious time to get their damage off.

Special Mention Mimi exists.

Stages: 10-20

Honestly you shouldn’t be stuck on this stage but if you are it’s either you are under leveled or have bad unit placement. Iris has a barrier, illya stuns, and libra has def break, because we know that information place your most worthless unit in front of illya, place your tanks in front of iris and libra and you should win easily. (Everyone gets soltina for free)

  • Example Comp: Filler (someone like ameleth is great here) / Soltina (Filler/tank) / Buffer (Fenrir YAis great here) / DPS / Merlyn

If you lose here you probably need to roll the fight a bunch of times to get the good RNG to win.

Stages: 10-24

This stage isn’t actually hard it’s just the first stage you’re going to need to retry a lot. Nina has a bit in passive that provides her additional evade chance and skuld heals the team up if you don’t finish units off.

The goal is to kill nina/skuld early so experiment first and try to understand which is giving you more trouble and place your units accordingly.

I had personally used Olivia / Soltina / Cordie / Fenrir / Ameleth for this stage mainly to burst skuld/nina with some rng involved but to also bolster my defenses to survive a bit longer.

There are many ways to get past this stage the easily is to just retry and kill Nina early on.

Stages: 11-18

This stage you want to focus on killing mert ASAP her attack buff is potent and the biggest thing to worry about overall. Using a dispeller or attack debuffer will kill merlyn’s buffed target’s damage. Otherwise the rest of the fight is tank and spank.

Composition should look something like:

  • Filler (tank) / Filler (Hathor or buffer) / DPS / Merlyn / Filler
  • or Filler (Tank) / Filler (Debuffer) / Filler Buffer / DPS / Merlyn

I found the first comp a bit more reliable in killing mert when using a cordie, Florence players may want to just roll the dice with merlyn until they get a favourable fight.

Stages: 11-20

If you can beat this you’ve pretty much can get through the rest of midgame no issues with the chance banner.

This stage is a lot like 9-28 it’s very gimmicky and hard walls people for an extended time there is only one real threat and it’s dian. The issue is she is hard as hell to hit, this stage is known to be a retry simulator because you only need one run with good RNG to win.

Again first strat is to just blow up dian and win:

  • Combo 1 – Prim + Hathor in slot 1 and 2 to stun and potentially weaken Dian DPS needs to be third slot to have a chance at bursting Dian
  • Option 2 – Dian vs Dian The idea behind this is if she can evade as their dps bring a dian so your dps can also evade. Pair this with someone who’s able to stun or provide buffs/debuffs and you’re golden.
  • Combo 3 – Soltina Ameleth tank with inflated dps who can survive turn 1 burst. This option is like a last resort pair your dps with merlyn and use whatever you can to stall the fight as long as possible to buy as much time for your dps to get those crucial hits in.

Typically you want to place your DPS in slot 1 or 3 to blow up dian, don’t be discouraged if you don’t win quickly!

If you’ve gotten this far you don’t need anymore help, you hopefully understand team comps by now and know how to tackle certain matchups.

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