Milfy City – Final Edition – Useful Tip for Getting Money

Easy Way to Make Money

Here’s a simple tip for getting money. No cheats or use of codes either. When playing the games on the MC’s computer at home.


Just save the game before playing it, then play the game, win money and then save the game again.

Then lather-rinse-repeat until you’ve had enough and/or have a pot load of money for what you need to get.

More Money Tips

When working for Bob, go to his bedroom the next morning and ask to be paid – you collect $90 instead of the $25 he will hand you in his office – get into his car parked outside of his office by finding his car keys before you agree to spy for his secretary: there is a secret scene and cash in there.

On the bedroom PC play ‘rock, paper scissors’ for the maximum wager – each time you win SAVE the game, each time you lose load the game to the last save – at $50 each win you only need to play x20 for your $1000 – takes about 45 minutes.

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