Monster Hunter: World – How to Be a Better Hunter

Useful Tips for New Hunters

Use whatever’s at your disposal. Unlock all the specialist tools, and bring what you think will be most helpful. You can use two traps of two different types to lock down a monster before traps start having a reduced trap duration. Consider consuming a Mega Demondrug in the hunt and spreading Demon Powder / eating a Might Seed before initiating the fight for extra power. If in multiplayer you can pop a Might Pill while someone is clutching the monster to prepare for a wallbang and gain 30s of massively increased attack power to unleash all over that monster’s tenderized weakpoint.

Lots of people run Temporal mantle for easy braindead wallbangs since the mantle automatically avoids all damage dealt (except roars and small damage) while clutched without taking you off the clutch. You can get two wallbangs per enrage cycle, with each dealing 2% of the monster’s maximum HP. Each clutch flinchshot and claw punch adds to a counter up to 3. When it hits 3, the monster automatically enrages, making it (usually) take increased damage.

Palico tools: Coral Orchestra is a good tool for general use for your felyne. The buffs are random and vary in usefulness; the Sonicgong flinch provides more windows of opportunity to get in serious damage.

If you’re farming monsters it’s handy to use Plunderang; if you’re particularly struggling with a monster you can use Vigorwasp because it comes with one free revival per hunt that puts you in a staggered, delayed animation getting up with a small health restore instead of carting you. It can get you killed by no fault of your own, so your mileage may vary.

Armor skills & weapons & you: Defender weapons are overpowered for low & high rank and lose viability after early master rank. If you’re not using Dual Blades or Bow, you will mostly be sticking to the highest amount of true raw weapons available; the viability of elemental sword and shield varies based on the monster’s elemental hz but is in general less valuable than learning how to execute Perfect Rush with high raw damage.

There’s an early amount of pieces from low tier monsters that can grant you full Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit, and a bit of Critical Eye for extra critical chance. You want to tenderize and hit weakpoints with critical hits as much as possible because this helps cause monster staggers more often. More topples, more free damage, hunt done faster.

People are determined to be high and mighty about the game and declare that not killing the monster alone first means that they get free reign to call you whatever they want. In reality, even older monster hunter games were prided around playing with friends and having a good time. Exclusively play MP if you want to, just don’t sit in camp until rewards get divvied.

I’m taking a wild swing that you used the Defender/Guardian Armor/Weapons on your way through LR/HR. If so then you’ve hit the real wall and have learned nothing of note on your way through the game by doing so and have made things much harder for yourself in learning as you put on Easy Mode and hit the real difficulty. Not your fault as Capcom added that to the game to speed people through to the DLC but didn’t think that a new player wouldn’t use the strongest thing ever and then learn nothing.

If you haven’t used the Defender/Guardian armor, you’ve hit a skill wall where you’re at the point of having to learn all the mechanics and using them together. From using Traps as openers for damage, needing to use the Clutch Claw for wall bangs and tenderizing the monster at all times to prevent bouncing, and need to use all items at your disposal that you can build up with your tree.

Flash pods are great for getting flying monsters down from the air but they have reduced effectiveness in Master Rank but still can be used to give yourself an opening to heal up. Maintain your sharpness as much as possible. If the monster runs, sharpen before you even take off after it, unless it fled from a Turf war, then get away from the other monster before trying to sharpen and follow. You’ll want to keep some Dung pods on hand for those invaders like Banbaro to keep the amount of monsters near you down. Planning ahead for hunts by taking resistance Decos are a good idea as the easier it is to survive the more time you have to learn how the monsters now behave since they have new abilities and are hyper aggressive now.

Also do the optionals at MR if you need to as older monsters are in there and can provide pieces of gear you may need. Using your armor spheres to upgrade the defense values of pieces can lead to another hit you can take before survival. You’ll also need to make sure your pieces have working Skills on them that suit your weapon instead of what has the highest defence value, make sure you are paying attention to the Elemental Defense value too, as a -10 Fire can have you carting from a single fire ball if not paying attention.

Monsters are only going to get harder and faster from here as well. Barrioth being the major wall of Entry Master Rank. Everything at this point will be either a New Monster or Subspieces from Base game, so everything you learned from base will have to carry a bit of weight from taking your time learning how they work then adapting as possible. If you fight something and it carts you quickly twice, use the Abandon quest under the menu and you’ll get all your items back so you can start again and keep learning without losing resources.

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