Monster Hunter: World – How to Kill Alatreon

Useful Tips for Alatreon

Firstly, don’t bother with Water, Thunder or (god forbid) Dragon elements. The former two are half-assed, and Dragon is useless for most of the fight. You should use Ice or Fire.

Only one quest starts Alatreon in Ice Active Mode, so that means you only need to use Fire for one type of quest. It should be “Dawn of the Death Star” event quest, unless I’m remembering wrong. Every other quest that has Alatreon in it starts him in Fire Active Mode, so you need to use Ice for all quests except one.

Apart from that, you need to break his horns when he switches elements. Assuming he started in Fire Active Mode and you are using an Ice weapon, you need to watch for his “Element change”. The Handler and some other NPCs speak about it when it’s about to happen.

When Alatreon switches elements (Fire -> Dragon), you are supposed to focus on his head, because it’s the only time you can break a horn. You HAVE TO do this, because if you don’t break a horn, he will perform Escaton Judgment and switch to the OPPOSITE ELEMENT, which is Ice in this case.

If that happens, you are pretty much done for unless you faint and change your gear into Fire. Farcasters are disabled in Alatreon’s arena, as you probably already know.

  • (Fire -> Dragon -> Escaton Judgment -> Ice -> Dragon…)

Concerning consumables, you should always have a full stack of Nulberries unless you have 20+ resistance on all elements or are using Blight Resist skill. Alatreon can use ALL elements, and the most dangerous of them all is Dragon, because it completely suppresses your elemental damage (which is literally required to break his horns).

You will also need to get your Ice or Fire element as high as possible. That’s where KT weapons come in, since Kjarr weapons are the best elemental weapons. You will also need to use Ice Attack or Fire Attack, potentially maxed-out to get the most out of them.

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