Mortal Kombat 1 – Titan Battle Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get The Titan Battle Achievement / Trophy

Titan Battles will appear in the final week of the season.

What I don’t know is if he will appear on the map or be the boss of the Seasonal Tower. My thoughts are he appears on the map, replacing the current final boss.

To easily get the achievement:

  1. Set Reptile’s stats to 53 Health, 169 Attack.
  2. Just uppercut until Baraka (First titan) is down.

Reptile works great because his poison hits harder against physical types. You can go all in on Attack for faster kills or balance with some Health for durability. Up to you.

Skip the Talismans & Konsumables.

Find the Titan fight at the bottom left of the Mesa select screen, in the Pyramid area. It’s usually there in the last week of a Season, but this could change.

Need to change your points? Go to Wu Shi Academy on the Mesa screen, buy and use the White Enenra Core to reset your stats.


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