Useful Tips for PVP Players

Gold rank trio player here, focus on getting 1-2 killed, and survive until you top 5, don’t spawn in golden area that is visible at beginning of the match and instead before match started you will see some golden area on map that are hidden and you can’t spawn on them so what you need to do is just spawn near it and when match started start running toward it and get all golden resources for you and team mate alone, also join naraka offical discord and choose your region for voice chat and better team work.

Make sure move in group as most death happens 3v1 and make sure to hide alot too to let say group A and group B kill each other so you jump on them and finish them off with you team, if you want experiment go blood bath and see people combos and weapons and way they attack and play, or when you loss ranked match don’t instantly quit match and just spectate and watch what weapons they using ? armor ? click TAB to see their weapons and left click to switch between them to see their play style and combos will help you improve more to watch live players in real matches, imo even much better than youtube videos.

Imo play monk more and you will love game more the more you play him, his ult extremely fun and just abit broken as moment you alt 99% of time they will just run away from you like headless chicken you will feel the power and control in your hand when you play him and can save your team mates lives.

For ranged I recommend, cannon, repeated crossbow, musket, as musket can shoot instantly without have to worry about charging bow and miss because people running and jumping around and using hooks makes it abit tricky to hit.

For melee go spear, greatsword, long sword, for long sword either hold left or hold right as start attack, while long sword really good spam left click and hold 3 charge left click for spin to win and spear got really good speed and range.

Also watch this:

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