NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – How to Fight Zai’s Ultimate

Countering Zai’s Ultimate

F1 and F3 can interact with Zai before resulting in ult, since F1 uppercut is gold focus, you should be able to get her in a position to chain attacks on her and attempt to pressure her.

Tap dodgin should give you iframes to dodge through her if she tries to spam focus attacks with a long windup. 1-2-3 Zai attacks are light into gold focus, you could try to catch her in between these, but having an ability or ult ready is how you fight another ult besides running away until it burns out.

Tarka has an easier time with F1 and F2 ult, but since we are talking yoto, mainly don’t get caught off guard without your ability or ult ready, unless you can Touch of Death the Zai.

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