Useful Tips for Justina Gu Character

F2+V1 is the way to go.

Learn to cancel her dashes so you end up close to your enemies, which allow you to have enough time to combo them or release a focus attack.

You can cancel her dash with pretty much anything: crouch, jump, parry, attack or hold focus. The attack/holding focus cancels are the best and the most used, because it’s the fastest way to get an attack after a dash.

If you go for focus attack, preferably have a 1-hit focus attack weapon, like Polesword’s RMB, Spear RMB, Greatsword LMB and etc… So they can’t mitigate the damage with combo breakers between multiple hits.

People how are in any focus status will not get frozen, but will get shortly staggered, so you can ult dash into LMB/RMB (depends on the weapon) and dash again to freeze them. There are much more to it, but it’s a guide/video on it’s own, so just youtube this stuff.

Should note that it even stops gold focus, so it’s great tool to also save you teammates. And of course you should always try to dash through at least 2 people so you can get your resets.

Hope this help!

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