Never Meet Your Heroes – Full Walkthrough


Time Skip

The main story contains a time skip. If you see this in the walkthrough, it means that the following content takes place after the time skip.

Boss Battle

If you see (Boss Battle) warning, prepare heavily for the fight.


  • Charisma – Trained by Lacey.
  • Intelligence – Trained at the Lab.
  • Stamina – Trained by Alice.
  • Strength, Health and Fist – Trained at the gym.
  • Varnese Level – Trained in the study room.
  • Suspicion – Can be decreased by Valencia or completely cleared by paying the Ares Family.

Getting Money

You can work at the Coffee shop or Diner for money. (Business Route gives you much more money in jobs). If you are a hunter you can craft Armor to sell to the Ares family. You can also gain funds by doing missions. The Maison route pays the highest.

The Hideout

Once you have completed the freedom mission and you are able to free roam, begin the Vigilante storyline by starting the “The Cave” mission from your bedroom. This will take you to the hideout and begin the Hideout storyline.

  • To advance, you need to buy 4 Advanced Circuits and 4 Circuits from the shop in the mall.
  • Return to the hideout, Selina will ask you to visit Haura and convince her.
  • After talking to Haura, Install the A.I in the hideout.

You will be sent back to your bedroom where the Main Story will open up. (The Plan)

  • Go to the hideout and talk to Selina.
  • You are now able to create injections with Valencia.
  • In Hawkside, you can choose any option as it doesn’t differ much.
  • Defeat one Areo Warrior from Hawkside
  • If you struggle to do this, create a strength injection to use during the fight
  • Advance with the storyline by talking to Selina
  • You will then need to buy 3 advanced circuits and 1 mixed blood for Valencia.
  • Stock up on injections if you want to beat Blue Streak easily
  • Advance with the story until you meet Wendy.
  • From this point things are much more straight forward.
  • Defeat the Beast using strength injections.
  • The route should now be completed.

The Slums

  • Visit Adente’s Region to begin this route
  • Advance the story by going there four times to perform the defend base scenes.
  • Defeat Artemis members until one drops a note.
  • Adente will then ask you to join her family.
  • Advance the story until Slicer’s first fight.
  • Select the “Direct Approach” option to win the fight
  • Advance until Slicer asks for birth control
  • Go to the lab and learn with Medisa until your Intelligence reaches 5
  • Go home and install Valencia in your room
  • Buy Estrogen and progesterone from the lab
  • Go back to Valencia and create Birth Control with her.
  • Advance the story until the second fight
  • Do not start the Fight mission.
  • Go to the gym and talk to Mia. (She is only there after school)
  • Buy all the wrestling moves from her
  • Go and start the fight mission with Slicer
  • Select “Counter Approach”
  • Proceed to the final fight and select the “Direct Approach”
  • Advance the story until you meet Gertude.
  • Go and talk to her yourself
  • At this point the story will come to a halt until you learn Varnese.
  • You need a Varnese Level of 50 in order to talk to the giants. (This can be avoided if you selected Valencia as your mother)
  • Talk to the Giant twice until they tell you about Gertude.
  • Talk to the Giant and decide to help her or Gertude.
  • Whichever option you select will lead to an ending with Adente.

The University

Go to the exam hall and take the freedom exam. To pass these, you need to go into the study room and read the books there OR go to the Ares Tower and purchase the cheat answers.

Here are the answers for the Freedom Test:

  1. The Church
  2. Marsela
  3. National Art Gallery, London
  4. Susan
  5. Sixteen
  6. Inside the toilet
  7. Time Reversal
  8. 10:02
  9. Heavy Press
  10. Rape Her
  11. Five foot five
  12. Aunt Marsela
  13. Wine
  14. Streak Proof

After passing the exams, go to the hall and talk to Asuna again about Varnese. (This assumes you haven’t learned Varnese).

  • Go to the study hall and improve your Varnese Level to 15 (20 if you want to skip scenes).
  • Talk to Asuna again, you will now be able to understand Varnese and take part in the classes.
  • Go to room 322 (The third door in the university).
  • Advance with the Varnese storyline until completion.


  • Go to the diner and talk to Dia to advance her story
  • History Exam answers: Six, Latin, Kanthia, 50
  • Advance until Dia tells you that she wants to stop seeing you
  • (Time Skip)
  • Go and talk to Dia to complete her storyline
  • You can now freely visit Dia


  • Go to the Paradise location and talk to Ruby.
  • Bring her $1000
  • Advance the story by doing Ruby’s dancing scenes
  • The story is straight forward until you meet Chantelle
  • Ruby will ask you to buy a studio for training. Go to the mall and talk to the Pink Elf woman.
  • Pay her $100 to talk to her then $3000 to purchase the studio.
  • Go to the studio and advance with Chantelle’s scenes
  • You will also need to visit Ruby for some scenes after Chantelle performs.
  • Eventually, Chantelle will ask you to get a private gym.
  • Go back to the shop woman and ask her about a gym (It costs $5000)
  • Advance with the story until you reach the situation with the judge.
  • You can pay the woman if you have the funds or you can tell Adente to handle it.
  • Advance with the story until you reach the situation with Chantelle’s girlfriend.
  • Ask Adente to handle it
  • Advance until the situation with the twins.
  • The story will come to a halt
  • (Time Skip)
  • You will now get the option to deal with the twins.
  • If your reputation is higher than 20 then you don’t need to follow the instructions below.
  • Go to the lab and talk to Medisa about the teleporters
  • Talk to Valencia about creating anti teleporters. (You need high intelligence)
  • Go and deal with the twins
  • Talk to Ruby and complete the Club route

Main Story

  • After creating the A.I, you will get access to the mission “The Plan” in the bedroom
  • Advance with the story until Haura is arrested.
  • Defeat heroes five times.
  • Advance with the story until after the time skip.
  • Interact with Frost until you can’t proceed with her.
  • Call Adente
  • Go to the lab and buy the mind control chip.
  • Talk to Valencia to help make it for you
  • Interact with Frost
  • Advance with the story and defeat three bosses.
  • Once complete, you now have access to Kanthia and Knowledge
  • Speed is only available if you chose Gertude’s side in the Adente Storyline

General Scenes

Business Route:

  • You can find the DJ from Paradise.
  • You will find the mixologist by talking to the Elf Woman in the shop.
  • You can find Shuna and Security by talking to Adente.
  • Once completed, you can now get a scene with Jane from the coffee shop.

Mansion Route:

  • This is fairly straight forward. Increase your Intelligence to progress with this story.


  • You can only get scenes with the heroes once you discover their names. You can discover names by helping men on the train.
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