Nightingale – Explanation of Respite Realms / Estate Cairns

Respite Realms / Estate Cairns

Just a general help for people who might not understand how the respite and cairns work!

When you first enter an Abeyance realm Puck will get you to build an Estate Cairn, these act as a fast travel point from anywhere you might be – that can be in the same realm or in a different realm

The above will automatically be set.

Setting Your Respite

Warning you can only have 1 respite realm!

  1. Build an Estate Cairn
  2. Press ‘E’ to set it as your respite point

Additional Notes

  • A respite can only be in an Abeyance realm.
  • When travelling to a friends realm it’s recommended to make sure you have set your home realm as a respite before hand (this is if you plan on playing separately).
  • Setting a cairn down and marking ‘E’ in a friends realm will over ride your previous one.
  • You can still build an estate cairn in realms that aren’t an Abeyance, but you will not be able to set these as a respite one.

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  1. this is awesome! so just to clarify if i wanted to move respite realms later on in the game, would i just make a new cairn and travel back and forth with materials? once the mats are moved over just set the new realm as respite?

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