Nightingale – Guide on Return to Respite Issues (from The Watch)

Stuck at the Watch and Unable to Go Home

There’s only one work around for right now, and depending on which issue you have, may result in the loss of your recruit.

What’s Happening?

There are two main issues I’ve seen connected to the Watch. (and a theory the estate cairns)

  1. Some of you may have seen players in a topic below mention they’re falling through the map. This was an issue that occurred right before the patch. Literally the night before the patch was set to launch. This issue seems to have been fixed post patch, but people who hadn’t logged in since the issue are still falling. Using the below work around will result in loss of recruit, but at least you get home.
  1. Travel back to respite in general greyed out from the map. This seems to be one of two things.
    • “Return to Respite” was clicked, and the pop up stating “we’re preparing your realm” was missed. In this case you will be TP’d out once your home realm loads.
    • From the get-go the button is greyed out, and unable to be clicked at all as soon as you load into the Watch. This will need the work around listed in comments below.

How to Fix

The easiest way to get out from the watch is to be teleported out either by a team mate, friend, or random citizen offering their time and safety. Once out of the Watch two things can happen.

  1. “Return to Respite” is available from the map to go back home to.
  2. Button is still greyed out, or takes you back to that persons realm.

If option 2, then there’s a bit more to be done. However both issues (falling through map and no respite) have the same work around which was started above.

The Full Explanation Is:

  1. Get invited to a party.
  2. Get invited to a realm.
  3. Use your cards to open a portal back to your home respite.

Example – if this is forest + abeyance on medium difficulty, make sure the portal you’re opening matches exactly.

  1. Get back home and demolish your Estate Cairn with X+V and rebuild it outside, in a field, away from anything. Rocks, tree’s, branches, etc. Hold E on the Cairn and make sure it’s set to respite.

Why This Works (Cards Being Played)

  • Realms are tied to players.
  • By “building” or “opening” a portal you establish a connection.
  • By you, placing the cards into the portal, you finalize the connection to old card combos you’ve played previously.
  • This is stored on Inflexions servers to help people return home.
  • If you aren’t home, you need to keep playing card combos until you get into realms you remember, or changing difficulties. Your home will not be wiped it just might take a bit to get back.

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