Nightingale – How Many Realms Can We Keep Active at Once?

How Many Realms

Additional Question Details:

Since Realms will stay active as long as a Portal connects to them this also means “How many Portals leading to different Realms can we activate at once?” I’ve seen a lot of discussions and assumptions but no definitive Dev answer. Are we limited to only one Portal per player? One Portal per Respite Realm? Can we build multiple Portals and if so can we open them simultaneously to different Realms?

I understand if everything is hosted on official servers you need to limit the amount of realms loaded at once and don’t want a single player to keep 100s of realms but being able to keep a few “favourite” realms alive might be nice, especially if things like resources and creatures can respawn.

Devs Answer:

Players can build as many portals as they want as long as they haven’t hit the Realm’s overall building limit. Each of these portals can be connected to a unique Realm.

To reduce server costs, Realms will go on “standby” after there are no players in them for some time. Players can still go to Realms that are on standby, it’ll take a little longer to load compared to active Realms.

As we go to launch and beyond we’re looking to optimized these load times as much as possible.

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