Nightingale – How You Can Quickly Farm Gunpowder

How to Get Gunpowder

If your having trouble amassing gunpowder for bullets then this is for you instead of farming essence to buy it or the materials to craft it you can instead farm boundless grenadiers for it.

They drop 2 powder per kill you will be looking for a bastille of intellect and upon failing it it will spawn enemies your looking for one that spawns boundless grenadiers. Once you find one I recommend being in a low realm power realm and using a high magick power tool to kill them as they spawn with the Quake enchantment you can spawn more enemies by failing the encounter as soon as the final enemy it spawns dies.

Using this trick I’ve averaged 1100 gunpowder per hour of grinding lowest so far being 600 and highest being 2400 since i had found one that spawned 3 grenadiers in a tightly packed space.

Hope this farm helps happy hunting realmwalkers for any of you that dont know what a grenadier looks like the picture in this post shows what your looking for.

Note: I personally use forest antiquarian with no minor cards on medium difficulty for level 20 mobs but there may be better combos for higher gunpowder yields.

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