Nightingale – Infusions / Charms / Enchantements (How It Works)

Explanation of Infusions / Charms / Enchantements

Some confusion has been seen about how these items work, or their differences. These are applied by right clicking and hitting apply.

  • Infusions can only be applied to a weapon/tool that follow the same type of stats. An example of this is you wouldn’t be able to apply a ranged statted infusion on a melee weapon with no ranged stat.
  • Charms usually go only on armor, aside from the one seen which could go on an umbrella.
  • Enchantments are spells which go on tools since they need to be actively used. (by pressing R and using left click).

Specifically for the starter infusions to help with quests. Rule of thumb is that if the item has an attribute that matches the Infusion, you can apply that infusion to the item.

Tier 1

  • Constancy Infusion – Durability – Umbrella, hat, climbing pick, knife, pick axe, sickle, wood axe, maul, slingbow, rifles/guns, pants, gear/coat, gloves, top, shoes, backpack (of everything).
  • Hale Infusion – Injury Resist – Coat only.
  • Resolve Infusion – Stamina Efficiency – Applied to climbing pick, hunting knife, hammer, sickle and umbrella.
  • Stalwart Infusion – Blocking Efficiency – Mining pick, wood axe, maul, backpack (shotgun other ranged weapons).

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