Nightingale – Useful Tips and Tricks

General Tips, Tricks and Helpful Knowledge

Feel free to add more to this if you can think of anything that is helpful:

  • If you’re trying to figure out how to craft a specific item, open your guidebook and go to the crafting section (c is the default shortcut to this screen). Click on the item you’re looking to make (there is a search bar at the top of the menu to make this easier) and it will show you what stations can make the item, and if there are any augments required on the station for the recipe to show up.
  • Looking for a specific resource? Open the guidebook and go to the glossary section. In this area, you’ll be able to see all the raw resources listed and selecting one will tell you the realm it is in and what level range the realm needs to be. The higher end of the range will have more of the resource.
  • Hunting for Apex Creatures? Don’t forget to bring your trusty spyglass with you! Using a spyglass will actually show you the names of NPCs/Creatures in the direction you’re looking. I don’t know specifically the range on this, but it helps out a lot, especially with that sneaky Elder Eotan.
  • Where do I unlock this specific station? In the guidebook, you can actually see every Essance Trader in the game and what they sell. Look at the traders tab and see which realm card combination has the trader that sells the recipe you are looking for!
  • Free essance? Yup! In the guide book, if you go into the Challenges tab, there are a ton of various things you can do that will reward you with a decent bit of essance. Some even give higher tier essance.
  • This recipe won’t show up on my station! Stations only have a limited amount of augmentation slots available to them. Higher tier stations have more slots. You may need to move some augmentations or stations further apart so that you’re sure that the augmentation that you need to have on the station is actually one of the ones its using.
  • Entering into the build mode (keyboard shortcut x) allows you to copy / move / remove things you have built. I’ve noticed that some things can’t be moved, but that may be a bug?
  • Done all the Points of Interest on a realm? You can recreate the same realm again, but reset by checking the “Reset Realm” box under the card section. This will reset all the points of interest so you can farm more essance again!

The realms and their levels:

  • Abeyance (10)
  • Antiquarian (20)
  • Astrolabe (30
  • Provisioner (40)
  • Herbarium (50)
  • Gloom (60)
  • Hunt (70)

To unlock these cards, inside your Abeyance Realm, you’ll see Sites of Power for each one. Each site of power has its own gear level required to enter it. Increase your gear score by crafting new items or upgrading existing items and an upgrade bench.

Combat Tips

If you focus heavily on block and stamina, you can tank even multiple boss hits on extreme, I prefer a mix, switching between 3 or so weapons, their spells, and styles per fight.

  • If it’s an easy fight I pickaxe and block everything.
  • Axe swing seems to do better vs assassin bound
  • Dodge seems to do better vs hammer bound
  • Shoving is very situational and important to learn.

I highly suggest playing with a duelist card. You do more weak point damage but less to every other part. Fighting bound with this will train you to be better with your hits.

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