No Man’s Sky – How to Avoid Sentinel Battles

Tips for Avoiding Battles with Sentries

There’s a way out of sentinel battles:

  • If you destroy sentinel starships enough, eventually a freighter shows up. Destroy that and combat ends, and you’re rewarded with an item you can use to find something nice on a dissonant world.
  • You can alternatively land on a station/anomaly/your freighter and teleport to another system.
  • Emergency Warp Drive.
  • Land on a planet and break combat that way by either finding caves, buildings, using the boost jump to outrun them, digging a hole, etc. Cloaking device helps loads with this.
  • Land, and kill sentinels on foot until Wave 5. This gives you a map to find a sentinel pillar which can have some goodies in it.
  • If you’re lucky enough to find a manufacturing plant, blow the door with your starship, land, run in and solve the puzzle to immediately drop combat with sentinels.


  1. Attempting to deal with sentinels in space, you are going to want some resources, a good ship, and some good weapons. The space sentinels hurt, and can take a beating.

    If all you’re wanting to do is get out of combat, it’s best to just boost towards the nearest planet and land, and evade them on foot. Taking on the sentinels head-on is not something you do at a whim or just because you wound up in combat with them accidentally.

  2. Or just run for a space station or summon the Anomaly. Oh, and assign a key to recharge your shields quickly as you boosting away.

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