No Man’s Sky – How to Repair a Found Ship?

How to Repair a Ship That I Found?

You have to claim it first. Be sure to add it to your fleet versus exchange your current ship for it. Also, make sure your current ship is close by when you get the new ship. That may be your only working ride.

Once claimed, it will show up as your current ride and you should be able to start fixing it. As when you start, you only need to fix the three basic features (shields, pulse engine, and launch thruster). Make sure to provide some fuel. Uranium is the simple and most efficient fuel- no crafting required. The Pulse engine will work with Tritium or Pyrite. Pyrite is better fuel, but Tritium is usually easier to find.

If you don’t want to mess around with it after claiming it, just jump back in your working ship. Your claimed ship will eventually show up in your freighter(once you get one).

Note: Remember how you fixed your first ship first. Hermetic Seal, Steel plate, Di-Hydrogen Jelly, and such. Click to get inside the Artemis’s ship and press tab to get started. You only need to fix the thruster and launch system that you get lift off from. Don’t launch Artemis’s ship. do as Mr. Bufferlow suggests and get back into your first ship and keep it until you get a Capital Ship.

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