No Man’s Sky – Useful Tips for New Players

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Noobs

If you need to get from one point to another on a planet, and it shows something like it will take 20+ minutes to reach it… they’re not kidding. Aim upwards, hit space to pulse up into orbit. Then turn around and re-aim at the marker, and pulse downward. Watch that time shrink down to 5-10 seconds or less.

You can move faster with your jetpack if you hit Q first. That’s a melee attack, that lunges you forward. If you engage your jetpack during that lunge, you keep most of that forward momentum. So you shoot forward, instead of going mostly upwards.

Be careful of your height will be jetpacking. Landing from far up can wipe your shields out, and potentially kill you. Upgrades shields along with jetpacks, to give you more leeway during mistakes. 8 jetpacks upgrades and basic shields is a death sentence pretty much.

Increase slots, on everything. Every space station will have an exosuit merchant, and to their left will be a tube showing a hologram of a backpack. You can purchase a new slot to be added to either your tech or cargo section. The cost increases with each additional, and caps at 125000 for tech, or 200000 for cargo eventually. In this game, more slots is better.

Follow the tutorial if you are new to the game. It will help you learn how things work and then you can decide what YOU want to focus on. There is no one way to play to the game.

The base building can consume a lot of your time if you enjoy it. Being a farmer and building/managing a farm can be a lot of fun. Maybe you will enjoy making a refining base and managing it. Or maybe a bit of all of the above.

The nice thing about the game is you can do as you please. It is almost impossible to make an unrecoverable mistake. While a few resources are more of PITA to find, there is nothing that is truly unique that can’t be located again if you ignore it or sell it.

The main complaint about the game is it does not push you toward a particular goal. There is no “I finished the game” moment. You just decide you have had enough- at least for right now. That bothers some players who want a “purpose” built in to the game.

To the extent you find a “purpose” it is up to you to make it happen.

Re building out your Exosuit:

  • Increase slots on everything, true. But focus on building out your Exosuit as priority. The Exosuit it the one piece of gear that you will never / CAN NEVER swap or trade up. So you are never going to lose the value of improving it’s capacity.
  • It is true that in each System, at that System’s Space Station, you have the opportunity to purchase ONE Exosuit slot upgrade, at the Exosuit vendor. Essentially this is a one-time per system thing. (Those purchase cabinets DO reset occasionally…but only after hundreds of hours of play, and not consistently.)

However, if you summon the Anomaly station into a star system, and go all the way into the back to the Exosuit upgrade vendor, Selene, well, tucked away just beyond her station is the ANOMALY Exosuit Upgrade cabinet. The Anomaly cabinet will ALSO allow you to purchase one Exosuit upgrade slot per star system. So in each new star system you can purchase 2 Exosuit upgrade slots.

  • In addition…

The Cartographer at every Station trades Exosuit Upgrade maps for 3x Navigation Data. You get Navigation Data tokens from various boxes opened, Minor Settlement vendors, etc, etc. The Exosuit Upgrade maps will take you to dormant Drop Pods on any planet. There is an Exosuit slot upgrade available in each drop pod, after you use some common materials to do 3 minor repairs in the Drop Pod. No direct “units” payment is required at Drop Pods,

  • Your Exosuit can be built out to 60 Tech slots and 120 Cargo slots. You should probably shoot for building it out to 30+ Tech slots and about 50-60 Cargo slots ASAP. After that, you can probably slow down a bit, and build out as you feel you need the space.

FWIW, I have about 45-50 of my Suit Tech slots filled (and useful) after several hundred hours play, I keep maybe 55 of the Cargo slots filled with resources, basic parts, and a few tools, etc, like the Atlas passkey. Partly, that is because I try to carry enough vareity of stuff that I can repair any ship or tool I come across ASAP. You could be more austere and get it down to maybe 35 slots filled with “standard” stuff.

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