Nordic Ashes – Lost Progress Issue [Fixed]

I Lost My Progress: How to Fix It?

Nordic Ashes saves 3 sets of your previous gamedata in a backup folder. They are located in:


%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Noxfall Studios/Nordic Ashes/Backup


~/Library/Application Support/com.NoxfallStudios.NordicAshes/Backup

Linux / SteamOS:

~/.config/unity3d/Noxfall Studios/Nordic Ashes/Backup

There you will find your gamedata from previous days in folders named as “month-day-year_hour-minutes”. Create a copy of these folders and then copy & paste all files within the most recent backup folder in:


%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Noxfall Studios/Nordic Ashes/SteamCloud


~/Library/Application Support/com.NoxfallStudios.NordicAshes/SteamCloud

Linux / SteamOS:

~/.config/unity3d/Noxfall Studios/Nordic Ashes/SteamCloud

The next time you launch the game, Steam may ask you whether you want to load your progress from the cloud or local files. Select local files and you should have your backup loaded! If this didn’t work, repeat this last step by pasting an older set of backup files.

Troubleshooting Tips

My Game Stucks on Load Screen

If your game never loads the main menu, but it’s not crashing, it may be related to your gamedata files being corrupted. First try to load a backup as described above.

My Game Is Running at Lower FPS Than Expected

Even if we are continuously working on improving the game performance, there are devices that cannot run Nordic Ashes as expected. It may be related to performance issues. You can try to improve it by:

  • Selecting graphics quality settings to “Normal” or “Low”
  • Disabling damage and status texts: set “Show Damage” and “Show Status Effects” to “No”
  • Setting a lower resolution

The Screen Is so Full of Projectiles That I Can’t Barely See

Try by reducing the projectiles’ transparency in Settings/Graphics/Special Effects Visibility and/or setting the Enemy Areas Below All/Above All.

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