Norland – Tips for Best Beginning

Helpful Tips on How to Get Started

Keep your peasants happy – build an altar, a tavern, enough dormitories to house all, and make sure they can always afford a meal and a drink every day on their pay. Make sure to pay the unemployed too so you always have immigrants trickling in. Also, if you have unemployed peasants, build some more breweries, mills or lumbermills, extra produce is always nice and you can sell some. Don’t engage in fights unless you have the bigger army.

Best day 0 start that I have found is to have your lord give orders to the builders, then send him and his brother out to save your wife. Make sure the main lord has command so his wife likes him more for saving her.

While they do that have your builders construct a tavern, alter, your second dorm, and then 2 lumber yards in that order. Your lords will come back in the middle of the night, make sure you fight the battle for the best odds (from what I have noticed) the first day (technically second) build a barracks and start your farms, recruit the 3 freed slaves then plan out the rest depending on what your villages give.

Help bandits in the neighboring cities, unless they burn out both villages then you have to be wary because they will target you. Ideally though they will raze nearby settlements. Anytime a lord comes to visit watch them closely capture them if they do even the slightest thing as they tend to be the main cause for your wife cheating.

Oh also build more lumber yards, ideally 6. And then build regular houses I go for about 10 for the first 10 days takes about 150 wood, keeps your builders occupied and not idle and boosts happiness among peasants.

Tips for Managing Internal Economy

  • Enough money to buy food daily, enough for booze at least every 2 days.
  • So 3$ wage with 1$ food and 4$ will mean drink and 2 meals over 2 days giving you prosperity bonus.
  • Medicine you can just set to 0$, criminals will not buy it, could make another market so only warriors can get it if you really want peasants to die.
  • Make flour and you won’t need to.
  • Rutabagas are less food, mood and cause sickness. Rye OP.
  • Now, If you want them to make moonshine on other hand.

What to Focus On for Growth?

Usually I focus these tech in this order -> Temple -> Rye -> Hops

Tips to remember:

  • Build less production buildings and focus on upgrading them rather then building many. Many buildings = more time lord spend to give orders which is crucial in early game to minimize
  • Important to get high fertility on at least 2 rye building and 1 hops. Then you can build mill / brewery and spam out Flour/Beer.
  • Don’t overprice your goods. Once you have a good production of stuffs turn the payment to workers/soldiers to like 2 gold. Then make your flour 1 gold and beer 1 gold. Change the sold amount per day to maximum. Basically you want everyone to be able to access at least flour and beer everyday with their wage.
  • From there sky is the limit. Build mine, workshops, chancellory, etc. You are looking to have a temple as soon as possible. It spawns from the first trader you see usually. Research it and build it ASAP
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    • Play on hardcore and skip outright to temple of course.
      One thing that gets easier is that while bishop will be parasite almost instantly they will give you free temple tech book

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