Occupy Mars: The Game – CO2 Scrubbers Tips

How to Use CO2 Scrubbers

I see a lot of questions about the CO2 scrubber so here are some things I found out:

  • Yes, it works but since you’re trying to fill your whole base with O2 it takes a while to do so and you won’t see the interior O2 bar move on day 1 (unless you’re using both scrubber and plants since those generate oxygen too).
  • If you open the glass door and look at the screen you’ll see 3 values: oxygen production, temperature, power needed.
  • You’ll need over 8 l/h oxygen production to sustain you (I think).
  • Temperature can’t go in the red (over 100) or it will blow up.
  • The 2 levers are on/off and control cooling of the scrubber (lower operating temperature but higher power usage).
  • The 2 knobs (1 on the left of the glass door, 1 inside it in the lower right corner) basically regulate throughput, both got 3 positions and do the same thing: increase everything.
  • You can get good results by turning 1 lever, one of the knob twice and the other knob once.
  • There is some randomness to it so always make sure your temperature don’t go in the red.
  • Once you’re happy with the values, just press start and leave it like that (even if the interior O2 bar doesn’t increase right away, it will sustain your breathing so you won’t be using oxygen from your suit).

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