Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure – Spark Activator and Itemizer Explained

What’s the Benefit of Spark Activator and Spark Itemizer?

There are many conceptual uses for them. For example, having sparks walk themselves back to a central location when the mechanism they are feeding is saturated (so that after a quest completes automatically disables the production line). And then setup something to reactivate them when it empties out.

Personally I had the spark activator so that sparks walk themselves back to a central location after creation, an archive where I held all of my token sparks. They’d be created, activate, walk a path only once without having to wait for someone to ferry them and deactivate on my filtered spark storage.

For hauling sparks it lets you use a single one that travels throughout mountain elevations with its cargo while a single stumpy on each base station aids with that, instead of needing multiple hauling sparkies for each segment.

How to deactivate production line once itemizer is full?

When itemizer is full sparks don’t convert so they pass it by, you can use that to start triggering other parts of a supply line to deactivate by having the path not travelled otherwise start a chain reaction. Probably using a token of some sort, haven’t really tried doing that myself, but it should be possible somehow (on what size of a footprint is another matter entirely).

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