Outpost: Infinity Siege – Battery Pack and Material Crate Blueprint Locations

How to Find Battery Pack and Material Crate Blueprints

Since there is quite a bit of confusion around these BP’s here a short explanation where to found these and what these unlock:

BP II, has a total of 4 parts. part 1 and 2 found on gas station (either woodlands (after you progressed main story past the ‘survive a wave on endles’) or city) part 3 and 4 are found on envoy camp.

  • Part 1 and 2: Unlock advanced autoloader, battery pack (90% sure) and advanced guardian fabricator.
  • Part 3 and 4: Unlock material storage, advanced ammomakers and turret override.

(1 of these 2 sets also unlocks the compact outpost, not sure wich set unlocks that one).


I got the battery pack first as I went through the story. It may have been chance, but it was at the gas station, along with several other blueprints like the nuke silo and hellfire turret I think. I didn’t get the material crate until I got the later story line quests and picked up the part 3 and 4 blueprint parts as you mentioned above.

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