Outpost: Infinity Siege – Damage Amplifier vs Building a New Turret

Which is Better? Which to Choose?


As of the new patch, some changes have been made to the damage amplifier:

[Crucial] Adjustments on Amplifiers (Please note that these changes are part of the plan for further adjustments):

  • One amplifier at maximum will boost Attack by 30%, with 10% additional Ammo cost.
  • The Amplifier effect can be stacked up 10 times at maximum on one single turret.

Previously, the damage amplifier increased damage by 10% (correct me if wrong, but I think it was at no additional ammo cost)


If you have the space and is above 2K core output, putting down more turrets is more ammo efficient than using damage amplifiers. However, damage amplifiers are more space efficient.

Damage Amplifier Effect Explanation

So first, I should clarify that, the damage increase from damage amplifier is a % of the turret’s base attack. So e.g.:

  • MGT does 100 damage as its base damage (the damage 1 shot from MGT does against an unarmored target while at 0 core output)
  • At 1k core output and no damage amplifier, MGT does 200 damage per bullet. If you add 1 damage amplifier as of the current patch, it will do 200 + (100 * 30%) = 230 damage vs unarmored (46 damage vs armored)

10 Damage Amplifiers vs Additional Turret Comparison

  • So if you have 10 damage amplifiers on 1 turret, you essentially get 300% base damage increase to that turret for 100% additional ammo cost.
  • However, if you are at say 3k core output, you add 1 additional turret, you would get 400% (100% base + 300% bonus form core output) base damage for 100% additional ammo cost (since you’ve added 1 extra full turret).
  • So you do 100% less base damage if you opted for damage amplifier vs a new turret given the same amount of ammo.

Other Considerations

While an additional turret provides advantages over damage amplifiers from ammo efficiency (2k+ core output) and less overkills, there are some advantages to damage amplifiers under certain circumstances:

  • You might be under 2k core output, in which case the damage amplifier is almost pure gain.
  • You might need more autoloaders & ammo makers to fit in more turrets. Damage amplifier only requires you to add more ammo makers
  • You have a lot of excess power capacity but not enough material capacity (a rare issue I think)
  • In many cases, clever design can allow 1 tile of pillars & damage amps support multiple turrets, which makes it more space efficient way to boost turret damage, at the cost of being less ammo efficient (~14.3% more ammo spent for the same amount of damage at 3k core output)
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  1. Does dmg amp and core output stack together to like 3k core output for 300% + 10dmg amps for additional 300% to make that +600% in total? So you basically have 700% of the base dmg for the ammo consumption of two turrets?

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