Pacific Drive – Explanation of Transfer Trunk

What Is the Transfer Trunk For?

When holding it in your hands, opening inventory or a storage (car or locker) lets you transfer between the box and that inventory directly. No need to move from storage to personal, personal to box, box to personal, then personal to another storage.

I advise unlocking the other lockers ASAP, as you will very quickly start filling them up. I’ve got about 8 hours in, and I have all but 3 lockers completely full of resources.

I’ll also disagree with some of the “tips” videos on youtube: get to the mid-zone ASAP (allowing access to Unstable kLIM), as the Blowtorch is a much more efficient way to repair.

Chemicals for putty feel to me like the most difficult to keep in supply, and while each unit has 5 uses, and one use is a full-heal on a part, that means balancing when to repair, since it uses the same to repair 10% damage as it does for 100%.

The blowtorch repairs and wears out proportionally, so you can keep stuff topped up without waste.

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