Pacific Drive – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Useful Tips and Tricks

You can steal armoured doors or panels from Abandoned Squires with the liberator. Keep in mind there is some damage that occurs on the parts so pick the right ones as you go that you want to bring back with you or to use as replacements on the fly (I just shred the armored parts to get the thermosap crystals towards the engine upgrade and the junction scrambler).

Another tip to add is that you can use the car transporter to “bring” the car with you when you don’t have a tire on hand and you are always in range for it to warp to a spot infront of you so that you can replace the tire with a spare or summer tire until you either find a replacement offroad or get back to the garage, I did this when my tires ended up getting shredded and I did not have them on hand to replace lol.

As for fuel; craft the fuel synthisizer as soon as you can and use the rain, wind and solar power to keep the battery filled up as you drive, you can gain back the storage space when you craft and install 2 top rack storage’s and you won’t have storage issues at that point as well.

When it come to resources to hoard the candy from the tree’s and the eggs in the marshes you can just vacuum up directly from the points to speed up collection. The latter you will need to stockpile for some upgrades as well as crafting the blowtorch.. you will want to do this asap to help mitigate the need to craft putty.

Friendly Dumpsters can be looted upto 5 times (If you are lucky).

The Lightning Rod that turns lightning into energy IS VERY GOOD against any form of airborn electrical threat.

All those Shocked Tourists, or MinuteMen or Tesla Towers all those lightning bolts get sucked into it and deal no damage to your car. You can just drive on through in my experience, I’m unsure if a full battery stops the protection, it doesn’t seem to?

I’ve only taken electrical damage from the Wriggling Car’s ground lightning explosion thing with the lightning rod equipped. It’s very good at what it does. Note that this usage DOES deal a trickle of damage to it but it has a lot of HP, driving through a lot of lightning in an electrical damage junction brought it down by like a fifth?

Wind turbines generate power when driving.

In early game while you’re still using steel doors and panels, don’t waste chemicals repairing them, better to just scrap them and make new ones. You should have plenty of scrap metal to make more. Can also create extras and use the repair station to swap out.

Also you can start a trip with some kLIM if you manage to hold onto an anchor as you run into a gateway after yeeting your car into it first.

The anchor will drop down where you+your car spawn in at when returning to the garage so you can just get out, turn around and you should see it lying on the road.

It’s uh, pretty much nearly impossible to do without lots of luck though. You have to basically have an anchor right next to a gateway and I literally only found this out because my car got yeeted through as I chased after it with the anchor in hand thanks to anomaly fun.

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