Pacific Drive – How to Get Chemicals

Why Are Chemicals so Rare?

They’re found regularly in those scientist trailer looking places, usually in the fence locker, might need a crowbar. They aren’t that rare, you just need to go to a specific building type to get it regularly.

Also lockers generally have three types of lock:

  • 1 solved by prybar
  • 1 solved by hammer
  • 1 solved by electrician’s kit

So I try to keep all of those on me at all times. You’ll also often need the prybar to get into said locker. And a flashlight/reusable flare would not hurt because of how dark interiors are, it’s very easy to miss a toolbox overhead or an extra electronic to be scrapped.

You can disassemble paints to recover chemicals.

I highly recommend saving the putty for better pieces that use part that are harder to come by. If you are running with crude and steel. It cheaper just to re-craft a new part and slap it on.

I always have too much scrap so i just remake them. If it the chemical you seek, target the icon of a trailer with radar dish on top of it. They usually have those hazard cabinet.

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