Paleo Pines – Tips on Completing Long-Winded NPC Quests

Useful Tips

After finally completing the last achievement:

  • Style and Substance
  • Help Orani find a new home.

I thought I might share a few observations on NPC quests and give a few tips on what to look out for.

Background: At some point very late in the game, Freya and Orani go on a date and want to move into Freya’s house in the desert. After providing all the materials to build the “granny annex”, Freya tells you to come back when she is done building the tree house. All this was happening in the evening with Orani and Freya standing in front of her house (next to the quarry).

The trouble with these NPC quests (character quests) is that they usually take quite some time to continue, i.e. the NPCs just will not talk to you about the quest progress. So I ground through a FULL year of sleeping on the farm (5-6 days in a row), cleaning up the farm, check on Freya in the morning to not have her say anything, return to the farm, sleep another 5-6 days in a row, etc. This grinding took me 8+ hours today. And it was a huge waste of time for the most part… I think.

The point is that Freya wakes up at her house in the morning, usually then works at the market stall in the desert town all day, to return home in the evening. Since the initial dialogue for the “house building” was with Freya and Orani in the evening I should have checked on Freya in the evenings. And only after 21 x 3 days (= 1 in-game year) did I actually check on Freya in the evening… and finally the side quest continued and I unlocked the above achievement.

Tip: In some NPC quests you can check via Map (M-key) to see if two chars are standing together in the Valley or in this case the desert near Freya’s house. This hints at a quest continuation.

TL;DR: Early in the game when trying to push NPC quests you should be doing their Town Board mini-quests to boost the the Friendship values of these NPCs. Only when you have BFF status (friendship 7/7) will the “end”-character-quests “unlock”. Like in the above case.

Once the chars are BFF, you “probably” do not need to do mini-quests any longer. The NPC quests continue after a few days (best case) or a season (21 days, I think) at worst.

It is very important to catch the NPCs not only at the right location, e.g. at their home, possibly in the field, etc. but in some NPC quests also at the right time of day, *after* having waited a set (# should not be random) number of in-game days.

Hope this saves someone a bit of grief…

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