Palia – Gameplay Tips


  • Stand somewhere you can click and cast easily. Sometimes, adjust your position to cast faster.
  • Fish near other people to get a buff for quicker fish hooking.
  • Look for ripples in the water to find HQ fish.
  • Consider eating food for buffs before fishing sessions.
  • Perfect catches increase Fishing EXP.
  • Refill your bar by not reeling and keeping the fish in bounds.


  • Cook with others to save resources.
  • Ensure 2-3 prep stations, 2 stoves, and 2 mixing stations when cooking with others.
  • Observe what others are preparing to avoid ingredient duplication.
  • Quality of crafted ingredients depends on mini-game accuracy.
  • Higher chance of HQ with more HQ ingredients.
  • You can interact to place ingredients for others to use.


  • Use HQ crops to make HQ seeds.
  • Fertilizer is helpful for gardening.


  • Copper ores drop silver, while iron ores drop gold.
  • Everyone gets loot from mining a node.
  • Let those with weaker pickaxes mine first in groups.
  • Mining stone makes room for other spawns.
  • Mine all stone for completion.
  • Consider mining clay for ceramics.


  • All participants get loot from shooting creatures.
  • Consider weaker arrows for hunting.
  • Coordinate dispel arrow usage for magical creatures.
  • Corner creatures to make tracking easier.

Bug Catching

  • Everyone throwing a bomb gets loot.
  • Throw bombs while bugs are fleeing, but watch for invisibility.
  • Tag stunned bugs with bombs.


  • Multiple people can collect from the same node.
  • Gathering spawns bugs, so coordinate with friends.
  • Keep bombs out for plant bugs.
  • Hit magical trees once for loot sharing.
  • Chop down trees to spawn more magical trees.

Furniture Making

  • Focus on one furniture set at a time.
  • Buy only one recipe of each set and unlock the rest through crafting.
  • Monitor focus when making higher tier furniture.

General Tips

  • Regularly restock essential items like bombs, arrows, bait, and food.
  • Prioritize early backpack upgrades.
  • Plan gift-giving to NPCs efficiently around evening in-game time.
  • Crafters can act as storage.
  • Utilize crafters to keep items.
  • Always keep crafts running if aiming for completion.
  • Upgrade storage capacity for hoarding.
  • Repair tools with gold rather than using tool kits.
  • Use renown wisely to boost focus and bonuses.
  • Adjust housing plot settings as needed.
  • Use class-specific items for finding rare items.
  • Gather ample stone for furniture crafting.

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