Palworld – Breeding for Passive Skills

How Passive Skills Are Passed Down via Breeding

Alright folks after many many hours of experiments, and hundreds of cakes, this is my current understanding of how passive skills are passed down via breeding.

If you breed a pal with one skill with a pal with no skills, there’s a nearly 100% (100% in my experiments, confidence is like 90+ percent though atm) chance that skill will be passed down to the offspring.

There is always a chance (probability varies depending on the number of skills in the parents) of offspring having a random skill or skills, in addition to skills from the parents.

If you breed parents with two skills each, there’s a roughly 50% chance any individual skill will be passed down.( Something like a 20-30% chance of getting all 4~low confidence on that number)

If you breed two pals who each have four skills, there’s a roughly 30% chance that any individual one of those skills will be passed down, and it doesn’t seem to matter if the parents share a skill, it’s still roughly 30%. This means that if you’re trying to breed for a specific combination, it’s better to do a 3/1, or a 2/2 and try to get the perfect four.

I’m not an expert or a statistician or anything, I just examined these results via rudimentary probabilistic modeling. I did not take into account dominant or recessive genes. I’m not entirely sure that they don’t exist in this game, but I haven’t found much evidence that they do (legendary maybe? I haven’t experimented with any legendary. Lucky is not dominant)

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