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Pals Are Always Starving! How to Fix?

I spent an hour the other night just camped by the feed basket watching one time because I got fed up with the ai and them just showing hungry all the time.

I would just pick them up and throw them at the feed basket to get them to eat.

This is what I noticed:

  1. Always eats from the first item slot in the basket. Shift the raw goods to the right, cooked ones you want eaten first to the left
  2. When their food meter is at completely 0. Their health rapidly ticks down. You’ve got like one minute to force feed them either with the menu or throwing them at the basket.
  3. When they get to the hungry state, they will drop whatever their holding and run to the food basket.
  4. They will then sit and devour food until they are about 90% full. Maybe its closer to 80% its hard to tell sometimes.
  5. Each Pal hunger state and amount they eat is different. Check the details there is a scale of food icons. More that are lit up, the more they consume to reach that 80-90%.
  6. There are negative traits regarding food as well. Also positive.
  7. Sickness/lack of amenities such as the hot tub also factors.

Another tip is if you find your pals putting raw food in there mixed with cooked food. Make sure whatever actual item you want them to consume first, is in that first item slot. They’ll always eat whatever is there first priority. Move that wheat and eggs to the right and move the bread and cooked eggs to the left. Once you get a good amount going and production line. You won’t have to worry about it again.

If you’re having them come indoors, make sure any tall pals have the proper clearance. Give them two wall heights tall space for them to maneuver. 1 floor is not enough and they will just wander around or stand outside a few feet from the entry way not giving any clear indication why they aren’t eating.

Last make sure there is space all around each thing you build they might interact with. Placing things up against walls/trees/rocks will prevent some from ever interacting with that thing. Give a good amount of space around essential things like the feed basket. Place it in a wide open space that can be reached on all sides and enough clearance for the taller ones. I’ve rebuilt my base 5 times completely now due to that. If they’re flying, place it outdoors don’t even think about putting it indoors.

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