Palworld – Grappling Hook Movement Tech

Need to Go Fast? Like, Very Fast?

Momentum from the grappling Hook dragging you forward will maintain if you cancel the grapple before you arrive.

If you switch weapons away from the grappling Hook, you stop the grapple from pulling you further but maintain momentum. If you are in the air, you can begin to glide with your glider.

To make the most of out this, go to a cliff and grapple as far from you as you can, with the reticule aimed at the very edge of the cliff.

Right before you connect, rapidly switch your weapon and then glide for about half your stamina meter. Cancel your glide, and then continue your glide close to the ground to avoid falling damage.

I didn’t discover this, there are a few videos of the tech in action.

It’s handy for traversing the map before you reach fast travel points, and doesn’t take too much practice.

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