Palworld – How to Add More Inventory Slots

Inventory Slots

The only one I’ve personally run across is in the Ancient Tech tree and it only adds a few slots for food, which is actually pretty convenient because it also auto feeds you and your Pals from those slots.

Only other thing I could suggest would be to build extra storage in your base and offload the stuff you’re not going to use. Anything in a base container (wherever it is located) will be used when you craft so you don’t need to keep things in your inventory.

As long as the crafting station is within the base circle it should pull from any storage container also within the base circle. Which is nice because the Pals will just kinda put things places. Usually close by to where they picked the item up but not always.

The only container that seems to have precedence is the feed trough.

Tiny Tip: You can place storage right next to the mill/quarry (they can hold a lot and sometimes pals won’t move the resources because other jobs will take precedent over it) so you can collect it, spin, and deposit it. And then use those resources anywhere in the base instead of having to move it to your usual storage small bit by small bit.

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