Palworld – How to Create a Multi Layer Foundation

How to Create a Multi Layer Foundation

That allows the upper floors to completely fill in the boarder.

It is possible to trick the system into aligning higher floors on uneven terrain if you align the foundation just right.

I used three different elevation foundations to make the upper layers complete.

In pic 1 it shows the top floor completely filled out. If I didn’t align the second layer on higher ground, there would have 2 spots with holes up there. You could build on a sloping hill foundation and then build it up to have a complete flat filled in top.

Pic 2 shows the bottom of the top that has no supports showing that you can combine multiple layers into one. If I connect the supports for any of the 3 layers, I made the top would stay together.

Pic 3 shows the second layer being spliced together. They are almost perfectly aligned.

Pic 4 is a pic I took of what the floor looks like if you started with a foundation, 2 walls, and a ceiling. Next put A ceiling over your head with a wall behind you and a ceiling under your feet. This replicates the alignment you need when you free move the foundation to alignment.

Pic 5 shows you aligning the foundation, it may take a few try’s. After you align add the foundation around it. You then can go to the top to see if you can continue filling in your upper floor holes.

Pic 6 and 7 shows how you can create the alignment box where you need it on a lower level. You attach walls coming down from where the holes are to add the foundation at lower levels all you do is add more walls for the lower the level going down.

Pic 8 Show the skeleton of my new tower.

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