Palworld – How to Get More Tech Points

More Tech Points!

In context of making this, I’m bored and like to help newcomers witht this game soo here are the ways at least what I know so far:

  • Easiest one finding all fast travel points where it’ll guarantee 1 tech points yet again we all know that.
  • Next one is do dungeon and after kill/capture the boss the 2 chests will have a chance to give 50/50 chance technical manual item which gives tech points.
  • Third one is the wildlife sanctuaries’ chests which’ll also gives technical manual in 50/50 chance too(the chests will respawn but not sure how long).

Lastly these are 3 pals that I know so far that gives lvl2 technical manual book (it gives 2 tech points each):

  • Anubis Lyleen Shadowbeak

Note: Hootcrates, Katress and wixen also gives the tech manual but they give the lvl 1 version.

That’s what I know so far soo yeah good luck onpleting the tech trees.

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