Palworld – Inheritance of Traits Carried by Both Parents

Inheritance of Traits Carried by Both Parents

This needs to be tested more rigorously, but the effect I’m getting is so pronounced I suspect I’m on to something.

I’ve been trying to breed up some “perfect” 4 trait pals. Something that stuck out is that once I get to the near-perfect 3/4 ideal trait parents, I felt like the rate of good offspring absolutely tanked. It seemed like the majority of the offspring were pulling maybe 1 positive trait and a bunch of negative/random traits. However, I had initially produced these 3 parent offspring in maybe 15 eggs, which seemed suspicious. It made me wonder if these was some interaction when parents shared the same trait.

I switched to parents a) without duplicated positive traits (i.e. only one parent had artisan) and b) minimized negative traits. Since making this change, I’m VERY reliably pulling positive traits from the parents. My last round of 9 eggs were from parents with 2 positive traits on one and 2 positive/1 negative traits on the other. Of these eggs, 6 were 3 positive/1 negative offspring. But more strikingly, not a SINGLE trait on any of these offspring was a random roll. All offspring with less than 4 traits were still only pulling traits from the parents, and the negative trait was consistently pulled from the parent. Estimating from the rest of my box, the initial 3 trait parents produced similar 3 positive/1 negative offspring on maybe 1/40 of eggs, so either my RNG is off the charts all of a sudden or something funny is going on.

We might expect this behavior of the logic went something like “Pull trait from parent > if duplicate, roll a random trait instead.” This would mean breeding something like 3 positive/1 negative parents seriously harms your odds of pulling the ideal offspring. You have a reasonably high chance of pulling duplicate traits, (each parent only has a single unique, positive trait), and you further hurt your odds passing down negative traits on each parent. I suspect (and am currently testing to verify) that the ideal breeding pair for “perfect” 4 trait offspring is in fact 2 trait parents where no traits are shared.

Obviously this needs further testing with a larger sample size, but it seems like something worth digging into further.

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  1. i did this while trying to breed faleris to get both Swift and Runner (the parents had either swift or runner, no negatives and no duplicate normal traits) and out of 15-20 eggs only 2 offspring had both swift and runner

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