Palworld – Massive Flat Area for Main Base

Best Location for Main Base

There’s a massive flat area on the south west of the map, which would probably be ideal for building a main base without clipping or re-spawning issues.

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  1. Yeah ore is definitely good too, though I made a second base just for that.

    Close to spawn there’s a plateau with a bunch of ore nodes which if you place the palbox right can prevent most issues like pals spawning over the cliffs. I think it’s where I circled but aren’t 100% sure:

    For my main base the main problem is finding terrain flat enough for breeding pens, pastures, etc, which can’t go on platforms, and then productions lines etc without using stairs, which the AI seems to struggle with.

  2. I prefer a different spot. It’s exactly like this but also has 6 ore nodes just outside its bounds. Map coords are -256, 47 its on the northeastern part of the little island with the ice wind island fast travel point

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