Palworld – Mining Comparison

Mining Comparison

One day ago I saw a discussion mentioning that for a mining base the best was to breed Anubises with max attack so they can deal more damage on the ore nods instead of giving them more work speed.

I found it quite surprising and thought that giving them work speed might make them attack quicker the ore nods.

So I just tested 3 Anubises on a coal nod and it looks like the only difference is with the mining level.

Higher it is, the more damages it deals.

Mining Comparison

  • Anubis 1: 0* Mining 3 Atk 232 Work speed 150
  • Anubis 2: 4* Mining 4 Atk 1290 Work speed 35
  • Anubis 3: 4* Mining 4 Atk 370 Work speed 195

That’s it, in case someone else was wondering, cheers!

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