Palworld – Moving Bases Flopie Tip

How to Move Your Base

This is a tip I figured out relatively mid-game, because I built my original base in a less than ideal spot (Pals bugging and getting caught inside the cliff/falling off cliff/not enough room) and decided to move it.

I had a *** ton of supplies (2000+ wood, about 1000 stone) that were in a box ten feet from my Palbox. I also had about a half dozen boxes scattered around the base.

The concept of tearing it down and slowly moving it a few hundred lbs at a time was daunting, but about half-way I realized that there was a BETTER WAY.


  • A Flopie.
  • Flopie’s Necklace (therefore, minimum player level 17 to unlock)

Flopie’s necklace allows Flopie to pick up items for your and put them directly in your inventory, when it is in your Party but not actively out.


  1. Set up the new base/Palbox as usual
  2. Go to the old base and put away any Pals that have gathering/transporting. For ease of sight and movement, you can put away all Pals as well. Not mandatory, but they get in the way.
  3. Activate Flopie so she is the active Pal (not passive). Very important.
  4. Disassemble all things. You can disassemble an entire box and everything with drop on the floor. Flopie will try to pick stuff up, but will kind of bug out and be useless.
  5. Walk over to your Palbox
  6. Return Flopie to its Sphere, so it will reappear as a passive. It will then go and pick up all the stuff and you will be way overburdened (10000lbs what?)
  7. Fast Travel to the new base.
  8. Drop it all (either in a new box, or reactivate Flopie and drop it all on the floor, repeat above)

Basically, playing fetch with Flopie with all of your inventory.

Let me know if this helps! It would have saved me an hour or two if I had known. If your stuff is too spread out it might not work, but Flopie Necklace is actually annoying with how much it can pick up.

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