Palworld – New Way to Skip The 10 Min Timer to Revive Pals

Quick Way to Skip

That’s won’t get patched bc it’s not a glitch!

The three methods that are currently going around are:

  1. Dropping them in a viewing cage and they’ll revive but this doesn’t work for those playing on servers, because servers don’t have viewing cages
  2. Putting a dead pal in your palbox as a worker for 10-15 seconds will instantly revive them
  3. Your pals will actually pick up and carry unconscious pals to beds to revive them, or you can walk over their bodies and push them to a bed.

Method one and 2 will be patched in time, 3 seems like a lot of work but this method I found on accident, I don’t think it’s a glitch so it wont get patched!

If you have a pal that is dead, all you have to do is have them in your party and go to bed for the night and when you wake up they’ll be fully healed!

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