Palworld – Palbox Management Tip

Useful Tip for Palbox Management

Sorting and managing the Palbox trying to find workers/traits/parents/team members can get tedious. Especially if you’re like me and have the incessant need to hit that sort button.

Not to get too bogged in details, something I noticed and haven’t seen mentioned is using the viewing cage. I saw you can use it to instant heal Pals but putting them in and taking them out.

What I wasn’t expecting was a storage space bigger than an individual box and the ability to store them directly from the Palbox to the cage via the viewing cage menu.

I only have the small cage, it’s cramped and they’re all stacked on top of each other (especially large pals) but it doesn’t matter.

Go to the palbox, hit sort, run back to the viewing cage and just store them back in a separate box.

Note the cage itself is still pretty big, about the size of a breeding pen.

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