Palworld – Quick Tips from a Solo 100% Completionist

Some Quick Tips

I play solo on mostly base settings. No damage or crafting or spawn modifiers. Caught every pal, completed the deck, beat every boss.

Just a few easy tips that hopefully haven’t been circulated to every corner of the internet by now.

  1. If your friends refuse to play with you, pals are your best friends.
  2. When facing bosses, don’t be afraid to cheat. This is a SURVIVAL game, not baby’s first monster collector. There’s one objective: SURVIVE. Boss giving you trouble? Don’t play fair, because they certainly won’t!
    1. Move types don’t have to match the pal, especially with fruit. Having trouble with a boss? Don’t just take pals that win in the type matchup, because those bosses tend to have coverage. Take a page from their book and do the same. Grass lady giving you trouble? Throw out grass pals with fire moves. Try to bubble me now, wench!
    2. Pals have cooldowns with their moves, not just their pal ability. Cycle through your whole team during a fight to maximize DPS. At the start of the fight, hop on a mount and blow all your cooldowns and the pal move (jetdragon rocket launcher is very, very fun), then hop off and fire off your AR or shotgun while your pal attacks. Once they’ve used all three attacks, cycle out to the next pal. Don’t just keep your pal out soaking up damage–sure, they make great distractions and meat tanks to get the heat off you, but dps is dps and you’re going to need every bit you can get especially if you’re solo or having trouble. I like having a low damage, low cooldown move as my left click on my mount to hit wild pals for catching, but in a boss fight load up three huge moves on all your pals. Send out a pal, let them blow all their CD’s, cycle to the next. By the time you move through your whole team, your first pal should have all their CD’s and possibly their pal move by then.
  3. “Legendary” pals seem to have obscenely high HP compared to other pals, even if other pals are competitive with other stats and/or typings. Don’t be afraid to abuse this. Nobody cares if you beat the final boss with all four level 50 alphas or you used five sheep, a win is a win.
  4. Prepare as much as you can, but once you have those resources USE them. You can always craft more ammo, but you can’t craft the time you lost losing a bossfight because you got stingy with resources. The final boss alone took me over 1000 rounds with a rare assault rifle.
  5. Abuse actives, abuse passives. Abuse every advantage you can get. You don’t have to grind and optimize everything, but throw pride out the window and use every. single. card. in your hand once it’s dealt because you’re not gambling a few dollars, you’re gambling your life out there.
  6. Have fun. Duh.

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  1. Get your Nitewing (first bird you’ll encounter) plus it’s saddle early and use the night time to find Lifmunk Effigies. You can see them glowing green across the whole map in the dark of night). When you craft a statue of power (or find one in the wilds) you can increase your catch-chances with these Effigy-Points. You’ll net a whole lot.

    In your Technology Tab you can spend Tech Points to unlock more things to build and craft. Like weapons, base items or pal saddles. Think carefully what to do with your tech points. Many pal mounts are “hidden” behind a “?” until you catch the corresponding pal. And there comes a time when you really want that awesome mount but you’re lacking the tech points.

    Regarding tech points: You’ll get them by leveling up and by unlocking fast travel points. Also, at the end of dungeons and in red chests (the ones requiring keys you can find in golden chests) can drop tech documents, which give you more tech points.

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