Palworld – Random Junk in All My Containers

Way to Limit what Items Pals Put in Certain Chests

Best I have found is place the crates closest to that resource. i.e. put the “wool and eggs chest” next to the ranch. Put the “wood and fiber” chest closest to where they chop the trees, etc. Would love it if there is some way to do it I haven’t thought of yet.

All food related items are picked up and put in a feed box, no matter the distance.

So you might wanna put your feed box and farms in the area so all food goes into feed boxes, but you also wanna put the resource stuff away from the ranch/farm area so the nearest ‘chest’ to drop off stuff is a deposit box near the farm.

Try to measure the ‘pathfinding’ distance from one resource to a storage container, that 1st shortest route to a container will be the ai’s goal.

Also branches and stone regenerate on the ground under your base, so pals will start ‘gathering’ it and put it in a nearby chest that the regenerating resources spawn at.

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