Palworld – Solution for Being Stuck at Loading Screen

How to Fix This Problem

If your joining a dedicated server and stuck on a loading, the host running the server NEEDS to delete your character file.

Reason being that it may be corrupted. Now that my file is gone im able to join and everything works. You will LOSE all progress on that character. Levels. Items. Pals!

Note: Yes, you will lose all your items and pals in boxes, but the map will stay the same.

First of all make a backup of the ‘players’ save data folder in ‘Pal’ folder > Saved > SaveGames > 0 > (Random string of numbers and letters) > Players

Second, Delete all the files in players.

Now anyone who logs in will be prompted to create a new character, let the corrupted file players who couldn’t log in to the servers before create new characters, they should be able to get in now.

Now you can stop the server and check the saves that were created, now you know their save ID and can cross-reference and delete their corrupted data from the back up files you made, then you can drop back in the backed up saves.

It’s not the best solution but hey at least our friend can log into the server now, you can probably jack up rates or players that still have their progress can boost them by giving a boat load of pal balls for them to go on an exp catching spree

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