Palworld – Starter NPC Dialogue

Starter NPC Dialogue

Palworld is an adorable game, but what these NPCs say really paint a very dark picture about the setting, which is something I’m looking forward to seeing explored more.

  • Name: Expedition Survivor
  • Location: Plateau of Beginnings

“A castaway? Been a while since someone who didn’t stink of pals washed up here. This island is a living hell. The people I came with aren’t with us any longer. Those damned pals ate every one of ’em. You be careful out there. Here, take some basic supplies. You need to toughen up if you want to survive out there.”

Gives you 10 wood

“I’m so tired. I tried making graves for everyone at first, But when more than a hundred died, I gave up on that idea. Here, ignorance leads to death. There’s a sliver of hope to be had if you manage to tame a Pal, but not one of my comrades was able to accomplish that. Hey…you have one of those ancient devices?! With that, you should be able to make a Pal Sphere. If you make some, you can catch Pals with them!”

“You’ve got what it makes to be a Pal Tamer Craft some Pal Spheres, get out there, and catch some Pals. Pal Tamers gain levels by catching Pals, you know Stay away from that tower until you get a little stronger. The Rayne Syndicate controls that place. They are a dangerous group. You’ll be killed for sure if you go now. My friends who tried ended up dead just like that. “

  • Name: Resigned Islander
  • Location: Ice Wind Island

“How many years has it been since anyone washed up here? The last person who wound up here was some famous merc, but he ended up just getting eaten by a direhowl.”

“Pals are way more brutal than they look. If you come across a carnivorous one, you best run. Don’t even think about looking back. Here, use this. I’ll be praying for your survival in this cruel place.”

Gives you 1 wool

“We’re close to that snow-covered mountain, so it gets fairly cold here. You should hurry up and build a bonfire or a hut, and get some rest in a nice, warm bed before you set out.”

  • Name: Vagrant Challanger
  • Location: Forgotten Island

“You’re new around here, aren’t you? A fellow Wanderer, huh? Why did I have to end up in a dump like this?!”

“I bet you are also just trying to catch some Pals and get rich quick, right? Too bad — turns out Pals are ferocious, dangerous things. All my friends have already kicked the bucket…”

“If you come across a giant Pal, steer clear of it. Make sure you are well prepared before trying to take it on. Catch a bunch of Pals and raise your level first.”

“Be wary of giant pals First you need to catch as many pals as you can. You’ll need lots of experience if you want to take one on.”

  • Name: Mercenary with a wounded knee
  • Location: Sea breeze archipelago castaway beach

“Oh, it’s pretty rare to have anyone come through here. You won’t find anything interesting. The Syndicate took everything we had.”

“If you can make a Pal Sphere, you can catch Pals and surround yourself with bodyguards. The law on this Island is that the strong eat the weak…”

“I’m so tired…there is nothing left for me. Here, let me give you some of my supplies. They have almost no use left for me…”

Gives you 5 Paldium fragments

“I used to be a tough trainer like you…then I took an attack to the knee from that giant Pal. On this island, those who can’t fight only wait for death to come to them.”

  • Name: Cowardly Islander
  • Location: Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef

“Are you…a castaway? What Rotten luck finding yourself here! This whole area is known as Palapagos Island. It’s a terrible place where everything is decided by violence.”

“Some people come from outside looking to catch some Pals, but most end up missing in action. They either get eaten by wild pals, or the Rayne Syndicate takes them out…”

“If you’re a Pal Tamer, you need to catch lots of Pals. Pal Tamers get stronger the more Pals they catch. You might increase your chances of survival, too.”

“Pal tamers get stronger the more Pals they catch. You might increase your chances of survival on this living hell of an Island.”

  • Name: Cowardly Victim
  • Location: Marsh Island

“H-Help! I don’t wanna be here anymore! A giant, scary Pal attacked us! It chewed up and spit out humans like they were toys…”

“You have to catch some Pals and build a base before night cones! You can’t win in the dark of night! Build a bonfire, hide, and pray until daybreak.”

“Use this however you can… You have to survive – and escape this island!”

Gives you 5 paldium fragments

“If you run into some bloodthirsty pals in the dark of night, you’re done for… Make a hand-held torch, or build a base and wait out the night somewhere safe…”

  • Name: Desert Runaway
  • Location: Eastern Wild Island

“And here I thought I had finally escaped that blasted desert…Nobody told me there was something that big living on this island!”

“Dang…if only I had what it takes to be a Pal Tamer! I could catch a Pal, Base, and survive out here!”

“Don’t you go dying out there… Here, take this. Hurry up and prepare for an enemy attack. If you don’t, You’ll be dead meat when night falls”

Gives you 5 Paldium fragments

“Be extra careful if you run into any giant Pals. They’ll kill you in a heartbeat if you’re not armored up. “

Those were all that I could find. There was one spawn location (Windswept hills, flying fish coast) where there did not seem to be one of these Starter NPCs.

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